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„justin_work_with_meIf you’re looking for a coach, consultant, or advisor to pivot an aspect of your life or business, I could be a great fit for you! As I understand everyone’s time is of utmost important, I encourage you to read more about the markets I serve below.

To know more about my work experience and previous companies I have served, visit here.

Also if you would like to reach out to me personally, then you can contact me here. I will try my best to help you.

Who I Serve?
  • The majority of my Coaching clients are individuals at a major impasse in their life. They’re either seeking a new challenge professionally, ready to make changes to their personal lifestyle, or both.
  • The majority of my Consulting clients are organizations who know they need to do something new and different to reach the next level of success. This typically involves some level of Alignment, Integration, or Optimization activities in order to harmonize with a new strategy or direction set forth by leadership.
How I Work?

I am a project-based Coach and Consultant who customizes each client’s package accordingly. I will work with you to understand your desired goals, objectives, timeline, and budget, in order to assemble a package that fits your particular needs and stylistic working preferences. Above all, I strive to create a long-lasting relationship with my clients that is trustworthy, honest, and impactful!

What Do I Do?
  • „My mission is to serve clients through strategic advisement on the People, Process, and Technology that will help them destroy their limiting beliefs, expand their repertoire of tools, and implement sustainable models in order to grow their business and enhance their life!
  • For businesses, I offer a suite of project-based consulting packages within the areas of: Organizational Alignment, Technology Optimization, and Sustainability Strategy. Project-based consulting helps businesses with one or more of the pillars above and consists of 5 phases: Inspect, Build, Accelerate, Optimize, and Stratify.
  • For individuals, I offer a variety of personal coaching packages within the areas of: Business, Life, Relational, Wealth, and Spiritual. Personal coaching typically focuses internally on the awareness, mindset, and strategy necessary to evolve and succeed at a higher level.

What I Charge?

As each project is different, there is no simple way to answer this. However, after further understanding your needs, I’ll be able to provide a true-to-figure quote. I will also emphasize that all my services are at parity with or more aggressively priced than the market for my experience and qualifications.

Are We A Fit To Work Together?
  • In addition to the items above, if you are someone who likes to collaborate, is open to feedback/suggestions, and truly looking to make the changes necessary in your business and/or life to reach your “nirvana”, than we would likely work extremely well together! I will caveat this by saying that the “work from within” must continue far beyond our project’s completion. Success is a never-ending journey that starts and ends with you!
  • So, if you’re ready to rock a new beat that creates waves for your better tomorrow, than I’m your guy!  I look forward to helping you reach your goals and start living life “from the inside out”.

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