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Creating a Culture Of Innovation

A full-scale analysis and report of Google’s bleeding edge ways of maximizing design, marketing, & strategy to “Create Magic in the Workplace.” Our experiential research investigated the following aspects at Google:

  • Organizational Background
  • Workplace Design
  • Culture
  • Products, & Services

Based on our research, we were able to develop an immersive training module that simulated the power of Google’s workplace resource investment in continually promoting such happy, healthy, productive employees, and maintaining a spot atop Fortune’s “Best Workplaces” every year!

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Parker Aerospace

Knowledge Management Between Generational Cohorts

During this three-month project, we worked with Parker Aerospace to solve a major organizational challenge – the knowledge management between the Baby Boomers and Generation Y. Some of the presenting issues that had to be addressed included:

  • Making available increased knowledge content in the development and provision of products and services
  • Achieving shorter new product development cycles
  • Facilitating and managing innovation and organizational learning
  • Leveraging the expertise of people across the organization
  • Increasing network connectivity between internal and external individuals
  • Managing business environments and allowing employees to obtain relevant insights and ideas appropriate to their work
  • Solving intractable or wicked problems
  • Managing intellectual capital and intellectual assets in the workforce

Through our prescriptive, multi-pronged approach, we were able to come up with a solution that broke down the generational silos that existed at Parker for years. As a result of our implementation solution, Parker is expected to see a ROI of 100%+ beginning in year three!



Constructing a Sustainable Organizational Design

During this three-month project, we worked with Cisco to solve the organizational design challenge faced by the AT&T Partner Operation with a recent corporate priority shift by the partner, AT&T. We conducted a multi-contingency analysis to investigate and provided recommendations to achieve “alignment” based on the following factors:

  • Goals
  • Strategy
  • Environment
  • Configuration
  • Complexity
  • Geographical Distribution
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Task Design
  • People Incentives
  • Leadership
  • Climate
  • Coordination & Control
  • Information Systems

By leveraging the power of workforce surveys, focus groups, interviews, and customized research, our team provided the recommendation basis for the organizational construct that is now in place today!

Long Beach Memorial Hospital

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Providing Next Generation Patient Solutions

During this three-month project, we worked with Long Beach Memorial Medical Center to complete an abbreviated 5-phase organizational, technological, and sustainable health check on their recent hospital upgrades. Our work examined:

  • Patient Safety, Care, & Satisfaction
  • Advanced Procedures
  • Dynamic Treatment/Care
  • Innovative Technology

As a result, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center was able to serve 25% more patients daily with a 10% higher CSR by effectively implementing the above solutions!


LA’s Promise

Leading an Organization Built on Trust

During this 6+ month project, we worked with LA’s Promise to solve their ongoing organizational trust issue among employees and leadership. Some of the correlated issues that ensued for LA’s promise included:

  • Poorly executed “feedback loop” for important communication
  • Infrequent communication touch points
  • Individualistic vs. Collectivist mindset
  • Culture where exclusion was considered acceptable
  • No ownership in the change management process
  • Innovation based on what leadership could mandate to their staff

With our cross-functional and experience-rich team, we were able to successfully lead the transformation of LA’s Promise from the top down and bottom up, resulting in a culture empowered with communication, decision making, joint accountability, and most importantly, trust.

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